Tarkov In Space? – The Cycle: Frontier – Game Review

Tarkov In Space? – The Cycle: Frontier – Game Review

Is this game really Tarkov in space? This video helps answer that question while also sharing my thoughts on the game and discussing some of the good and the bad.

This is NOT an advertisement. I simply like PVPVE games. They’re my favorite. I am always interested in checking out new titles in the genre.

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26 bình luận trong “Tarkov In Space? – The Cycle: Frontier – Game Review

  1. you know… just the normal colored progression. white,green,blue,purple and legendary
    hmmm yes legendary my favourite color, pretty sure you mean orange there mate

  2. not as unforgiving as tarkov tho.. inventory management is not that hardcore, you have hit markers, i don't know if stamina exists or is dehydration, energy drain or fatigue is a thing so.. more like a training wheels version of tarkov

  3. Say it with me everybody


    It's a cycle alright, and it never ends. The instant titles like "BETTER THAN TARKOV????!!???" stop pulling views is when the videos will slow down and people go right back to Hunt and Tarkov. I wish it wasn't the case but it is how it is. Game came out of nowhere because it already flopped once, just like most sudden trends.

  4. Man if they could fuse this with No Man's Sky and shift around designating different planets as contested the arenas would be endless yet persistent. Civilians would get ample warning of course to pack up and move.

  5. The thing is this is still not a tarkov replacement. Many of us play tarkov because of the ultra realism and amazing gunplay, not because of the formula. After watching many people try this game, i can easily say im not interested. Its just another arcade shooter while most of us want tarkov at battlefield scale

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